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    The John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Essentially "The Martian"

    Only instead of Mars, it's the moon. Spoilers if you haven't seen the John Lewis ad yet. (Also, spoilers for The Martian.)

    Let's start with the obvious - they both take place on a celestial body that's not earth.

    And both feature men trapped on that celestial body, looking back at Earth, and wishing they could be there.

    They even both have a little residence, sitting out there on the vast, barren surface.

    Back on Earth, people are ever so concerned about the person trapped all the way up there.

    But the two of them are so, so alone, sitting up there, staring out into nothing.

    So there's lots of note writing in an attempt to get some sort of communication.

    There's also lots of plaintive staring through windows.

    Attempts at communication are made with the most advanced technology available.

    But finally, they manage to get something all the way up there to save him.

    Or at least, get him a telescope.

    Frankly, it's disappointing that little girl failed to launch a space probe.

    So for both of them, it's all about a man, out there in space, and trying to get him a connection with home.

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