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25 Times "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Was So Fucked Up

The gang do some dark shit.

1. When they said hi in the most appropriate way.

2. When their attitude to drinking was slightly concerning.

3. When they needed to eat people.

4. This.

5. When science reached found some limits.

6. When the bucket of blood somehow didn't work.

7. When they tried to beat Boggs.

8. When Charlie experienced the sort of struggle every artist has.

9. And when he had a similar struggle with St. Patrick's Day.

10. When Dennis was gaslighting to a really fucked-up level.

11. When they thought about downtime.

12. When there were clearly some issues being played out.

13. And when they finally dealt with it.

14. When Charlie's illiteracy got pretty real.

15. When Mac got covered in piss.

16. When they talked about history.

17. And when they talked about American history.

18. When Maureen became a cat.

19. When their attempts to hang out with their friends ran into some problems.

20. When Dennis lost perspective.

21. When they came up with a plan.

22. When this Charlie revelation happened.

23. When Mac tried to convince Frank he was a demon.

24. When Dennis had some real concerns.

25. When they resorted to alcohol IVs.