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31 Times The Struggle Was Way Too Real In 2014

It's a miracle we all made it through.

1. When you had to set your alarms like this because there was no way you were getting out of bed otherwise.

2. You couldn't do anything without being attacked.

3. Getting dressed was a struggle.

4. Then you finally got your outfit perfectly on point, and the mirror was too small for the all important selfie.

5. You wanted some cereal, but someone left your cutlery looking like an Alanis Morrisette song.

6. Your solution looked something like this, which is nothing but struggle.

7. Plus, some ANIMAL did this.

Maybe that's too mean to animals.

8. But even animals would never do this.

9. Then you picked up your keys and realised nothing is safe.

10. When you didn't get a straw for your iced coffee because the world just hates you.

11. Or you did, and this travesty happened.

12. You made it all the way to the gym, but could you listen to music? Could you fuck.

13. But it didn't matter anyway, because the gym hated you too.

14. You couldn't even charge your phone because this chaotic hellscape existed.

15. And this ended up happening, because you can never just let your phone die.

16. Then there were never any spoons at work when you really needed them, so sure, you used a damn straw for your yogurt.

17. But even the yogurts aren't safe BECAUSE WHICH ONE IS ACTUALLY BLUEBERRY?

18. If you can't trust the cakes, who can you trust?

19. Even the binders were against you.

Fact: There are actually tiny pixies that fuck them up deliberately. A close relation to the Electric Drill Chuck Key fairy.

20. And tiny screws are Satan's plaything.

21. Someone designed this, and they designed it to personally victimise you.

22. Pavements kept messing with you.

23. All you wanted to do was find 304, but nope, that wasn't happening.

24. Then the power went out, and you had no Wi-Fi, and you had to watch your battery slowly running out.

25. But even when your laptop was working it was determined to correct your grammar like this.

Fuck you, 86.

26. When it eventually died, maybe you tried to use a pencil? LOL NO.

27. When you wanted to cook, this was all you could ever seem to see.

28. Though it's not like you actually had any food in your fridge.

29. And then you needed to use a QR code for some unknowable reason, just to cook your pasta.

30. *Sigh*

31. It's all way too real.

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