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    22 Tinder Profiles That Might Make You Laugh Against All The Odds

    Maybe it's not all terrible?

    1. Leah, for this cunning plan.

    2. Petar, for this epic profile picture.

    3. Miranda, with an even better profile picture.

    4. Nate, and his photos demonstrating his wide range of interests.

    5. This perfect description of being outdoorsy.

    6. This cunning trick.

    7. Jasmine, because of this joke.

    8. Shaniel, for making this reasonable deal.

    9. Aly, and her flawless understanding of pop culture.

    10. Emily, who may or may not be planning to steal your soul as well.

    11. Ben, who couldn't be much more appealing.

    12. Evelien, because she knows what's important.

    13. Michelle, and this blatant catfish...

    14. Neza, because she escaped the dinosaurs.

    15. Kyle, and his frankly perfect profile picture.

    16. Danielle, because she's upfront about what she wants.

    17. Bec, and her completely legitimate explanation.

    18. Connor, and his honesty.

    19. Meghan, who knows what she wants.

    20. This attainable goal.

    21. Thomas, and his incredibly appealing portrait.

    22. Kaite, and this incredibly charming hairstyle.

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