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    21 Things That Will Freak You The Fuck Out

    Are you scared of spiders? Yeah, maybe don't click this then.

    1. Someone picking up all this stuff.

    2. Whatever this nightmare is.

    3. This struggle.

    4. These spider babies, just hanging out.

    5. This relationship.

    6. This fly that's being killed by a spider, even as it lands on someone's arm.

    7. This utterly inappropriate place for insects to eat.

    8. These spiders, just wandering on someone's hand. Casually. One of those is a Black Widow, just FYI.

    9. This mass.

    10. And this mass.

    11. This mass as well.

    12. This spider straight up murdering this wasp.

    13. Oh, and this spider that has somehow managed to kill a snake.

    14. This ceiling snake.

    15. This thing goddamn waiting.

    16. Whatever is inside this can.

    17. This mess of a table.

    18. This goddamn nest.

    19. This disaster.

    20. This ethernet port.

    21. This is not really OK.