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19 Things You Won't Believe People In This World Actually Do

There shouldn't be a wrong way to eat food...but these might be.

1. There are people in this world who put ice cubes in their cereal.

2. Or they decide that milk is unneccessary, and just go with orange juice. For some reason.

3. Then there are the people who take to their pizza with a knife and fork.

4. Or just eat it CRUST FIRST.

5. Some pies get so disrespected.

6. Eating a kiwi like this. There are people who do that.

7. People have been known to do this to wings.

8. No one seems to know how to eat watermelon.

9. There's no explanation for eating string cheese like this.

10. Some people look at an orange, neatly divided into segments, and think, Yeah, I'll just bite into this like an apple. Monsters.

11. Though that's nothing compared to the people who'll just eat a lemon instead. As a quick snack.

12. Who does this?

13. There are ice cream sandwiches being eaten in entirely the wrong way, because people aren't starting from the top like they clearly should.

14. Ketchup should just never be put on pasta.

15. Why does an innocent hot dog deserve this?

16. People eat doughnuts like this. Actual people. You could be sitting near one now.

17. Or they eat them by leaving the hole and just eating the outside, which might be even weirder.

18. Then there are the people who think munching on a whole cucumber is ever appropriate.

19. And finally, there are people who eat KitKats like this.

So very many people.