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    21 Dogs That Have The Sky Trapped In Their Eyeballs

    You need to see all of these.

    1. Some dogs have the sky trapped in their eyeballs.

    2. Like this dog.

    3. Like this puppy, chilling out about the fact that all of the sky is in his eyes.

    4. And this one.

    5. This unbelievably young puppy is opening its eyes for the first time and revealing the sky.

    6. Looking up at the sky, as it looks right back.

    7. This dog knows all secrets of the universe.

    8. This dog can see straight into the heavens.

    9. Because the sky is in its eyeballs.

    10. This dog that can tell you things God doesn't even know.

    11. This is wisdom.

    12. Knowledge.

    13. Understanding.

    14. This dog might be tiny, but it knows things.

    15. So does this one.

    16. There's truth in these eyes.

    17. They're eyes you can trust.

    18. Eyes that would never lie to you.

    19. Eyes that will always speak the truth.

    20. And look great doing it.

    21. Because these are the eyes in which all the sky is trapped.