13 Struggles Of Not Being A Beyoncé Fan On The Internet

There are other people in the world, you know?

1. So Beyoncé is an extremely popular and talented musician, which is all well and good.

MTV / Via mtv.tumblr.com

If you’re a fan, that’s cool.

However, when she does something, ALL THE THINGS ON THE INTERNET HAPPEN. At once. Loudly.

2. Which means it becomes very stressful hearing about Beyoncé all the time.

FOX / Via giphy.com

3. And hearing people who are so, so in the thrall of Bey… while you don’t really get it.

Is fandom a competition?

4. People seem to be so obsessed, it’s not clear whether they actually worship her as a deity.

Each to their own, I guess?

5. Continually being told how she’s the most important person in the Knowles-Carter partnership seems odd.

I mean, come on, HOVA? This is a marriage of equals, at least.

6. It’s frustrating watching the internet shut down for an hour as soon as she appears.

Though actually, it is a good reason to head away from the computer and get some fresh air.

7. No-one should really say that the only reason Destiny’s Child mattered was because of Beyoncé.

FOX / Via atrl.net

Y’all remember Say My Name, right?

8. Watching other artists get less attention JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT BEYONCÉ, is just weird.

OK, maybe Kanye’s a bad example…

9. So is hearing the previously interminable debate about the exact nature of her feminist ‘credentials.’

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Though to be fair, that one has been ended pretty neatly.

10. Any music awards show will inevitably end up using Beyoncé as a closer.


Cool. To the bar, then?

11. It’s also odd to see Solange not getting the rep she deserves, despite being just as talented.

Just look at that pantsuit.

12. So it’s not that there’s anything wrong with Beyoncé. You’re just, y’know, not that bothered.

13. But unfortunately, it seems to be Beyoncé’s internet, and we’re just living in it.



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Luke Bailey is a senior editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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