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21 Things That You'll Never Be Able To Forget From School

The trauma is burned into your memory.

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1. When you got woken up for school.

2. And then when you know you have to go to school really, really soon, but you just sort of sit on your bed instead of actually moving.

3. And then this first-day-back struggle.

4. When the teacher goes off about you "disturbing the class" and moves you, but just puts you next to your best friend instead.

5. When you were let out of class for some reason and happened to pass a class with your friends in it.

6. The low-key best thing that could happen during the day.

7. And the low-key worst thing.

8. When you were trying to sneakily spy on someone else's test but they caught you so you had to make out like you were just thinking extra hard.

9. When your results paper says this and you know, you know that one of them must be wrong.

10. Then you leave the exam and everyone around is talking about whether that history date was 1974 or 1975 but you put a date in the 1800s.

11. Because this is basically your logic.

12. And then you get your paper back like this, so it turns out you were definitely wrong.

13. When someone else is marking your test paper, and they stop the whole class to ask if your answer is allowed.

It was always fine, ffs.
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It was always fine, ffs.

14. When your parents ask you about how you're doing at school.

15. But then you got to parents evening, and your teacher didn't have the same version of events during as you did.

16. The worst day of the year was still picture day though.

17. When you got to the lunch table first and you had to wait for ages for everyone else to show up.

18. This surprising pleasure.

19. When you get home and immediately eat everything available.

20. When you realise you still have school the next day.

21. And when your parents won't let you forget that.