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    29 Magnificently Satisfying Pictures Of Food

    I want to eat everything but I also don't want to mess it all up!

    1. This perfectly smooth bun.

    2. The ripples in this smoothie.

    3. This achingly smooth peel.

    4. This cake so neatly covered that it'll make your heart happy.

    5. THIS APPLE.

    6. This grocery store, stocked by the most important person on the planet.

    7. These yolks.

    8. All these egg yolks too.

    9. This hotdog – that is made out of Starburst!

    10. This yogurt top.

    11. So good.

    12. And this peanut butter.

    13. This rice that's clingfilmed juuuuuuust so.

    14. And this rice, flawlessly sealed in a vacuum.

    15. Oh, and this dome of rice. Rice is really great, you guys.

    16. This incredible stack.

    17. And ALL of these stacks.

    18. This cake that's too good to eat. Maybe.

    19. These enormous and still perfect pancakes, because all pancakes are perfect.

    20. This perfect sandwich.

    21. The way this pasta is packaged.

    22. These tomatoes that prove you should only eat food directly off plants.

    23. This interlocking sandwich.

    24. This ice cream.

    25. Holy shit, THIS ice cream.

    26. This fitted up watermelon.

    27. This, when the whole damn core comes out.

    28. This mirrored cake.

    29. And of course, the Tetris tots.

    From r/oddlysatisfying.

    From r/oddlysatisfying.