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    23 Times Ross Geller Was Just The Absolute Fucking Worst

    Ruining Friends for the rest of us.

    1. When he was so self-pitying.

    2. When he didn't understand basic contraception.

    3. When he was trying to be postive but was just annoying.

    4. When he lost his mind over a stupid sandwich.

    5. When he pronounced party par-tay.

    6. When he just couldn't stop being a sad sack.

    7. When he was just such a creepy man to a nice lady trying to do her job.

    8. When he was an asshole to a foreigner who'd done nothing wrong.

    9. When he was so, so determined to ruin that wedding.

    10. When he was just so gross-cute.

    11. When he was mean to old people.

    12. When he got all possessive.

    13. When he got all sexist.

    14. When he was a dick to his friend.

    15. When he got really, really defensive.

    16. When he body-shamed a cat.

    17. When he was impossibly pretentious.

    18. When he had this reaction.

    19. When he raised his hand.

    20. When he was just such a Nice Guy.

    21. When he literally not-all-menned.

    22. Just so whiny.

    23. Oh, and, of course, this.

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