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    27 Reasons You Should Be Happy Not To Have Pets

    They will destroy things. All the things.

    1. Sometimes, their destruction is deeply ironic.

    2. Sometimes, it's very creative.

    3. They'll destroy soft furnishings.

    4. There's nothing they can't wreak havoc on.

    5. They'll mess with your ramen.

    6. The messier, the better, as a rule.

    7. They're not even good at hiding it.

    8. They're also not great at finding spots to sit.

    9. Even if they're in a car.

    10. Regardless of what's around them.

    11. And they'll take your shoes.

    12. They won't even let you pet them when you want.

    13. Toilet roll is a special interest.

    14. Which, frankly, is pretty mean.

    15. And they'll keep waking you up.

    16. Blinds are a particular target.

    17. Sometimes it's minor damage.

    18. Sometimes it's outright anarchy.

    19. They also have no respect for your hard work.

    20. Your desire to work has no meaning to them.

    21. Ever. They will always prioritise their need to sit.

    22. Even when you're trying to read the weekend paper.

    23. They'll sit where they want, regardless of what might be there already.

    24. It really makes no difference to them.

    25. Unforgivably, they'll take your pizza too.

    26. Seriously, cats will take your pizza.

    27. Worst of all, they'll mess with your alcohol.

    Be glad if you don't have pets.

    h/t: r/AnimalsBeingJerks