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23 People Who've Just Done Their Job Beautifully

This is important.

1. The person who arranged these coat hangers oh-so-perfectly.

2. The person who stacked these flawlessly.

3. The person who did this with their Oreos should get a raise, even if this isn't actually their job.

4. The IT worker who put all of these wires in.

5. And this one.

6. The office worker who put these files together.

7. Whoever built a perfect desk out of books should immediately get a raise.

8. The person who used vegetables to create GODDAMN ART.

9. ART, I tell you.

10. Put this shit in every art gallery in the damn world.

11. Put this shit in the MOMA.

12. The person who stacked all this beer should get a raise.

13. The employee who put these bottles in order.

14. And the one who did these.

15. This chef and his perfect tray of hash browns should get a raise.

16. As should this one and his perfect yolks.

17. This valet.

18. The person who sorted M&Ms definitely needs a raise.

19. The person who put all these boxes together.

20. The person who designed this lecture hall.

21. The person who decided to make textbooks interesting for once.

22. This person doesn't even work here, but damn it, he should get a raise too.

23. And finally, the person who arranged these so flawlessly.