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23 Times Polling Day Failed So Hard It Almost Won

Because when we need democracy most, we must instead make jokes.

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1. The BBC were fastidious about following laws banning political coverage.

2. Everyone got the hashtag wrong, so we were apparently voting 1800 years ago.

Well this is encouraging. Apparently it's the year 215.

3. This Labour campaigner got rejected on the doorstep pretty hard.

"Not to be rude mate but can you fuck off? My Mum's back in an hour and I wanna shag my girlfriend before she gets home." #labourdoorstep

4. This childrens' artwork was considered far too partisan to be shown in one polling place.

This photo was taken at my friend's school - SERIOUSLY!!! Year 5 artwork can be SOOO influencial #ElectionDay

5. The Milifandom were still going hard.

6. Pranks were played.

8. Seriously.

Well @Ed_Miliband, my nan loves you. She went dressed like this to vote. @UKLabour

9. UKIP's Wikipedia page got hacked as well.

10. Meanwhile, teens got pissed off at their dad's decision to vote UKIP.

11. Everyone had a preference.

12. Someone rode a horse to the polling station.

Adrian Dennis / Getty Images

13. Many people took their dogs.

all these doggies are voting so why aren't you #GE2015

14. And this woman decided to vote en route to her wedding.

Don't waste your vote @LeightonAndrews @welshlabour #labour all the way! 👍 on route to church xx

15. People couldn't figure out who to watch, let alone vote for.

Which TV station will you watch the election on? #ElectionDay

16. But the polling station system really confused some people.

Just marked my voting slip at this local polling station. Was surprised to then be given a toaster for taking part.

17. Or scared them.

I've voted (and not just because my polling station looks intimidating). Have you? #GE2015 #GeneralElection

18. Everyone found the day difficult.

19. Clothing went way too far.

This guy's hoodie is the most terrifying sight #GE2015

20. People came up with cunning ideas to distract UKIP voters.

How to confuse UKIP voters. #ElectionDay

21. People started to take advatage of the lax laws around drinking and voting.

Well, I voted. I just had to get kinda drunk first

22. All throughout the day.

Just saw a drunk man dressed as a sailor being dragged out of the polling station by police. I love Brighton!!

23. But mainly, people were annoyed at the queue. Because Britain.

Huge queue to vote. Should feel inspired, actually feel annoyed