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22 Photos That Prove The Differences Between London And The North

A whole different world.

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Chips in London: absurd.

Chips in the North: proper.

Drinking in London: a Negroni in a can for no apparent reason.

Drinking in the North: a shot of gravy.

Graffiti in the North: really goddamn useful.

Graffiti in London: impossibly wanky.

Warning signs in London: faintly dystopian.

Warning signs in the North: perfect.

Reasons to queue in the North: because there's a damn fine bakery.

Reasons to queue in London: Oxford Fucking Circus.

Cake up North: fun.

Cake in London: here are some fucking flowers.

Property up North: reasonable!


Property in London: impossible to believe.


Essential shopping in London: questionable.

Essential shopping in the North: priorities in order.

TV tourism in the North: going to the Rovers Return.

TV tourism in London: buying a Joey hat for some unknowable reason.

Pubs up North: drinks for a pound!

Pubs in London: have craft beer vending machines.

Pints in the North: a good deal!

Pints in London: just too bizarre.