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    31 Photos That Will Take All Brits Right Back To Primary School

    Sitting at the back of the coach was the most important thing that could ever happen.

    1. This attempt everyone made to erase pen that never did anything more than erase the paper.

    Luke Bailey

    Usually attempted more times than necessary. You know, just to really make sure.

    2. Getting this view on a class trip meant you were a definite winner.

    3. Anyone who did this was a complete badass.

    4. When this happened EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Luke Bailey

    5. This, which remains the hardest challenge of all time.

    6. Any of these getting served at a party meant you knew you were in for a good time.

    Luke Bailey

    7. Every football ended up looking like this after a few weeks.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto panic_attack

    Until it got banned because it hit someone in the face.

    8. Or you ended up playing with a "floater".

    Right up until someone kicked it too hard and it entered orbit.

    9. However bad your teachers were, they were never as bad as this guy.

    10. Though this would still have been useful to have.

    BBC / Via

    11. Someone getting a nosebleed always led to absolute chaos.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto John Sartin

    12. At the end of Year 6, your shirt definitely looked like this.

    Though someone probably drew a penis on it somewhere.

    13. Gym apparatus was incredibly important.

    14. Until you actually had to climb the ropes, because this happened.

    Disney /

    15. This joyous moment when you could peel off all the PVA glue you'd spent a lesson carefully applying.

    16. There was always at least one thing that was a bit odd.

    Like these bollards outside a primary school.

    17. This was the fount of all knowledge.

    18. This was an intensely exciting selection process.

    Luke Bailey

    Picking a washing powder is never going to be as interesting as this was.

    19. No trip to a bowling alley was ever complete without one of these.

    20. Pogs were definitely very important, even if you had no idea how they were actually supposed to be played with.

    Flickr: mirabw

    WTF were keenies for anyway?

    21. These were the best things you could ever wear on your feet.

    22. Spending a fiver on these and getting literally hundreds, and feeling like you owned the school.

    23. These did nothing to cushion you.

    Except the one that was slightly newer than the others. That you never seemed to get anyway.

    24. These, on the other hand? These were the fucking bomb.

    25. This was always completely accurate.

    26. When the book fair arrived and it was just the absolute best.

    Flickr: midnghtsdream

    Why aren't there book fairs in offices?

    27. The overhead projector that you actually just wanted to use to make dog shadow puppets with.

    Also known as the OHP. If you were a cool kid.

    28. No one ever actually dancing at the school disco.

    Mainly because all the boys were on one side, and all the girls on another.

    29. Well, until "Macarena" came on, obviously.

    30. This crime against decency that seemed to happen two times out of three.

    Luke Bailey

    Probably because you were too excited.

    31. And of course, this prank, which could never be topped.

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