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19 Photos That Are Frustratingly Funny For Every Mechanic

How are these customers real?

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1. This disaster.

2. This epic crack that'll probably be fine, right?

3. This, uh... problem.

4. This troubling inspection...

5. This hack.

6. This thing that's definitely not in the right place.

7. This struggle.

8. This, that might not be working perfectly now.

9. This tire.

10. And this one.

11. This gear.

12. This wrench in the most useful of places.

Whatever's happened to this gear lever.

13. This attempted fix.

14. This horrifying seat.

15. Whatever is happening here.

16. This meeting of two things that really shouldn't have met.

17. This thing that seems to be slightly damaged.

18. This, and however the hell it happened.

So many questions.

So many questions.

From the frustrated mechanics of r/Justrolledintotheshop