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    Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Dec 29, 2014

    23 People You'll Never Accept Are Actually Real

    It's honestly remarkable that the world still functions.

    1. This man and his delicious drink.

    2. This student standing up for their beliefs.

    3. This guy who might have not have thought through what he was supposed to put on the form.

    4. Whoever made this photocopy of their passport.

    5. This fully grown man who decided that the solution to an argument was to build a menu fort.

    6. This woman and whatever is going on here.

    7. And this woman who has clearly invented a very wonderful new item of clothing and is very happy about it.

    8. This person and his elegant sun visor.

    9. This pop culture sleuth.

    10. The utterly terrifying driver who reported this problem with a car.

    11. This student who has just nailed their presentation.

    12. This kid who got the most perfect comeuppance.

    13. This person who may be a bit bored.

    14. These girls and their friendship that really needs to be stopped.

    15. This kid bowling on an iPad while at a bowling alley so he could actually just be bowling.

    16. This guy and his inevitable demise.

    17. This child and their commitment.

    18. This person getting some well-timed advice.

    19. This guy who has given up on the library.

    20. And this one who's just given up completely.

    21. This guy and his cunning time-saving plan.

    22. This dude pissing into his own mouth.

    23. This guy getting stuck in a high chair at a McDonald's.

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