People Keep Making Huge Facebook Chats With People With The Same Name

    It's getting very confusing.

    People on Facebook are starting group chats with other people with same name as them, all around the world.

    Some random guy with the same name just added me to a Facebook group with 9 other guys named Jordan DaSilva lol

    Which is, unsurprisingly, confusing to people.

    I've just been added to a group conversation on Facebook with 9 other random people called Jake Wright

    The person to kick off this trend was Will Hodgson, who discovered not all Will Hodgsons are as keen to socialise with other Will Hodgsons as he is. He told BuzzFeed that he'd had "no more messages come through".

    But since the tweet, he has been added to many, many more group chats. "In the past few days I've been added to... over 100 group chats a day with random people including other Will Hodgsons," he said. "It's hilarious."

    and I woke up added to about 40 group chats, nice

    After it was screengrabbed for a UniLad post, many more people started trying it as well.

    The Alex Broughs got friendly, quickly.

    Someone named Alex Brough added every other Alex Brough on Facebook and started a group chat with all of us :/

    These Jamie Rosses appear to be gearing up for some sort of Avengers-style initiative.

    Someone has decided to add me to a Facebook chat comprised entirely of people called Jamie Ross.

    The Kieran Morrises are more about just chatting.

    Someone just added me into a Facebook group chat with 7 other Kieran Morris' ...I'm confused. #TooManyMe

    The Michael Wilsons have a clear leader.

    How can some other guy called Michael Wilson start a Facebook chat with me and 5 other Michael Wilsons 😂

    The Dillon Greenlees are suspicious.

    I just got added to a Facebook group chat with other people named Dillon Greenlee...

    The Connor Jacobsons are a bit more chill.

    Somebody just started a Facebook chat with me and 8 other Connor Jacobsons...

    The Ben Johnsons are savage.

    I tried making a Facebook group chat with other Ben Johnsons but it didn't work

    The Luke Applebys are jovial.

    Every Luke Appleby on Facebook in one group chat. What a time to be alive.

    The Tom Rawlinsons are pretty quiet.

    Someone with the same name as me just made a group chat for other tom rawlinsons 😂

    The Freddy Lopezes seem like they might be about to have a nice time, though.

    The Jack Moons are loving all the other Jack Moons.

    My friend got added to a group chat by a stranger on Facebook 🌚

    The Max Maguires haven't got started yet.

    As if I've been added to a Facebook chat called 'Max Maguires' with every Max Maguire this guy could find looool 😩😂

    The Blaynes are getting to know each other.

    Started a group chat with all the other Blayne's on Facebook plus @KateNicole25 😂💀

    They're not nearly as friendly as the Layla Joneses, however.

    layla added a bunch of people with the exact same name as her into a chat and started talking with them im

    The Harry Whittakers don't seem to have got to know each other yet.

    I admire this man. He is called Harry. He's just attempted to start a group chat with other randomers called Harry

    The Joe Wrights were very upset when Joe Wright left the chat.

    When you get added to a Facebook group chat with 10 other Joe Wrights around the world

    There are some people who have been doing this for years, however.

    I've been in a Facebook chat with all these Adam Thomas' for a solid 3 years

    And others have never been able to. 😞

    When you can't make a Facebook chat with other Betha Henderson's because your the only one out there 💔

    So if you've been added to a Facebook group with other people with the same name, this might just be why.