19 Reasons You Like Animals Better Than People

    People are terrible and animals are great.

    1. Animals will let you rub your face on all their soft fur.

    2. Animals are always loads of fun at the bar.

    3. Animals love taking care of their friends.

    4. Animals know how to behave in the pool

    5. But when animals want to have fun, they're amazing at it.

    6. Animals have no prejudices, even when one of them is a pig.

    7. Animals appreciate a great sunset.

    8. You still want to hug damp animals.

    9. Animals don't mind getting covered in sand.

    10. Animals will politely wait outside the door for you.

    11. Animals are completely adorable when they're sleeping.

    12. Animals are always happy.

    13. Animals love to hang out on the sofa with you.

    14. Animals are always happy to see you get home.

    15. Animals find the best ways to say hello.

    16. Animals can't wait to say hello to their family.

    17. Animals can look smug and still be amazing.

    18. Animals will help you out as much as they can.

    19. Animals just want you to love them.