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    27 Reasons Old People On Facebook Are The Funniest

    Honestly, they understand it so much better than millennials.

    1. Old people on Facebook are happy to find easy solutions.

    2. They won't stand for any shit. Or Satanism.

    3. They're always supportive.

    4. Robb knows the importance of alway saying "Thanks." It's basic politeness like this that is missing in 2016.

    5. Denice is just trying to help out Susan, like all of us should. Let's try not to think about where she's 'gone' now.

    6. Susie knows what she goddamn thinks and you won't convince her otherwise.

    7. Sometimes, emojis aren't the right way to go, and it's possible that some old people on Facebook don't realise that.

    8. And they also won't take any shit. They will fuck you over with pumpkin bread.

    9. They know when to apologise as well. We all make mistakes!

    10. Joseph is going to come down hard on anyone who fucks with him.

    11. Lynne just wants to install a new profile picture, but there seems to be some hold up.

    12. Carol needs to mention her sad news, and this is where she has chosen to do it.

    13. What did Better Homes and Gardens do to Marty?

    14. It is hard, sometimes, to figure out what's going on on the internet, with all the sites and posts all over the place.

    15. It's nice when people put pictures up on their walls.

    16. Videos of children really are inappropriate for children.

    17. You do need to be careful online – Betty has got that right!

    18. But old people on Facebook sometimes really understand the internet better than anyone else. They know how to get you interested!

    19. Compress all your news into one update – don't worry about distracting from a birthday message with some personal news! It's all about efficiency.

    20. Easter baskets are important. Never forget that.

    21. Sometimes you just need to ask...

    22. Because you won't get an answer if you don't ask...

    23. And Walmart should be able to figure it out.

    24. Old people on Facebook are always looking out for people.

    25. They have a real flair for the dramatic as well.

    26. They let people who matter know what's happening. Like Target.

    27. You know what, Claudia? You know what? Trump might be a threat to our country music Facebook pages. We just don't know!