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25 Things Everyone Who Works In Media Planning Will Understand

Let's be honest, it's the most important bit of advertising.

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1. The more work you put into creating an inventive and original plan, the less likely the client is to sign it off.

Marvel Studios / Via imgur.com

"We love this! It's so different! Now book exactly what you did last time."

2. A client thinking they know what they're doing is, much, much, worse than them knowing nothing.

PIXAR / Via giphy.com

"I mean, yes, technically, that could work, but let's not commit to trying to buy a roadblock on the whole of Google just yet?"

9. A rep going directly to a client will instantly make them a mortal enemy.

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via the-black-pandaa.tumblr.com

"I'm sure you have made the client very interested, but I still know you're very expensive, so all you've actually done is make my job harder. Now I hate you."

16. So you never believe any claims about the shiny new digital products being bandied around.

Paramount Pictures / Via reddit.com

Besides, if it is any good, it'll be replicated by Google in about six weeks. But cheaper, and better.

17. Creatives will, completely sincerely, pitch an idea that needs triple the budget, runs for half the duration of the campaign, and involves a damn blimp.

Via mylifeasashitshow.tumblr.com

And it will be up to you to delicately explain to the client the many ways in which it's a very shitty idea.

19. You'll frequently refer to the "Halo Effect" when the results aren't good, despite being convinced it's not a thing.

BBC / Via imgur.com

"Sure, we didn't actually sell anything, but when you look at the Halo Effect..."

21. Which will only be overshadowed by the escalating nights of drinking leading up to Christmas.


Yet somehow, things will still be getting done despite half the office no longer remembering their names.

24. Trying to get someone to answer your calls and actually do anything on a Friday afternoon is almost the most irritating thing that can happen.

If it's after 1pm, everyone is probably in the pub.

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