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21 People Who Have Just Made A Truly Horrible Decision

"I've made a huge mistake." – all of these people.

1. The person who thought they were all fuelled up and ready to go!

2. The cat who just wanted a quiet place to sit, and turned out to be setting themselves adrift for a journey of terror.

3. The driver who decided this was a good parking spot.

4. The person who won't be getting into their house tonight.

5. The dog who wanted to take a quick dip in the water. That turned out not to be water.

6. Whoever inspired this sign.

7. The cat that thought it had found a cool place to hang out.

8. The person who set up their ladders and was totally confident in them. They're still up there.

(They're not really.)

9. The cat whose fun was abruptly ruined.

10. This child, who was trying to be so cool.

11. The person who was probably tossing up about which one was right, and made the totally wrong call.

12. The girl who had a really funny idea.

13. The person who no doubt made a series of errors of judgment to end up here.

14. Ditto here.

15. This guy who really should have decided to try to follow this plot a little better.

16. The person who must have been so proud to have gone and corrected this sign.

17. This girl, who maybe was not prepared for the petting zoo.

18. The person who pressed the on switch without checking if there was any metal in the room.

19. The child who wanted this charming lamp, and is now haunted by nightmares.

20. The person who was trying to find an easy way to take their dog around the place. Oh, and the dog who was really into the idea of riding in the front seat.

21. And this person, who definitely regrets their choice of car.

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