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27 Incredibly Annoying Things People Do To Bartenders

If you do more than one of these, you're probably a terrible person.

1. Ordering 'a beer.' No specifics, no details, just general beer.

2. Reaching over the bar to satisfy their curiosity about exactly what's back there.

3. Um-ing and ah-ing and then asking for a 'surprise.'

4. Waiting until right after last call and then asking for a drink.

5. Asking for a drink to be made 'strong,' especially if it involves the concept of doing it as some sort of favour.

6. Asking what beers are on while standing in front of the taps.

7. Complaining about wait times, despite the bar clearly being incredibly busy.

8. Not making room at the bar.

9. Holding money and thrusting it in the general direction of the bartender as an attempt to get served.

10. Elbowing through a crowd and leaning on the bar to get served ahead of people there before.

11. Standing behind many other people at the bar and yet WAVING for some reason.

12. Snapping their fingers to attract attention.

13. Ordering a single drink and then trying to pay by card.

14. Ordering a drink and then sending it back because it's not quite right.

15. Interrupting the bartender while they're talking to another customer.

16. Actually, just ordering single drinks when you're in a group.

17. Complain that a drink isn't strong enough, or that they can't 'taste the alcohol.'

That's because it's been made correctly.

18. Asking for free drinks despite not tipping well and not actually having any reason to expect a free drink.

19. Explaining why they're doing their job wrong and how there's some way they could actually make it so much easier.

20. Slowly taking everything out of their bag and depositing it strategically across the bar.

21. Asking for some obscure drink they had once but can't really remember.

22. Trying to start a long conversation about some esoteric topic when the bar is rammed.

23. Ripping up stuff on the bar like they're an infant.

24. Complain that there's a drink that the bar doesn't stock.

25. Asking to charge their phone behind the bar.

26. Trying to order drinks from someone as they are glass collecting.

27. Not ordering the Guinness first.