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27 Incredibly Annoying Things People Do To Bartenders

If you do more than one of these, you're probably a terrible person.

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5. Asking for a drink to be made 'strong,' especially if it involves the concept of doing it as some sort of favour. / Via

This includes asking for less ice, tall glasses, or anything else. The same booze is going in.


9. Holding money and thrusting it in the general direction of the bartender as an attempt to get served.

Red Hour / Via

Bartenders know the order in which people arrived at the bar. This is the order in which they serve. Attempting to circumvent this like you're a member of the landed gentry calling on their serfs will not help.


14. Ordering a drink and then sending it back because it's not quite right.

HBO / Via

If it's actually the wrong drink, then sure. If it's the right drink but tastes ever so slightly different to one you had the other day? Fuck right off.

16. Actually, just ordering single drinks when you're in a group.

Mandate Pictures / Via

Just order the whole lot. And don't wait for each drink to come before ordering the next one. Remarkably, bartenders can remember quite a lot of drinks at a time.


18. Asking for free drinks despite not tipping well and not actually having any reason to expect a free drink.


24. Complain that there's a drink that the bar doesn't stock.

Village Roadshow Pictures / Via

There are many alcohols in the world, and not all of them will not be on the small shelf behind the bar. Get used to it.

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