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25 Signs You Might Actually Be A Neophobe

Scared of change? This could be you.

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2. And so does finding they’ve decided to completely stop making your favourite product.

FOX / Via

Just because they discovered some "extremely toxic chemicals" or some rubbish isn't an excuse to interrupt your routine.


5. It's very unclear why bands decide to ever change up their music, because obviously their earlier stuff was better.

Lucasfilm / Via

They could just play those three tracks off the second album forever, and that would be fine.


8. Big purchases unnerve you just a little bit, partly because of the financial outlay when you don’t know what the future might hold...


14. The same goes for bars – why try a new place when you know one that’s basically fine anyway?

NBC / Via

Ignoring the minor quibbles, obviously. Or major quibbles. The point is, this is the bar you go to.


20. There might be a different way to commute to work that’s ever so slightly quicker, but taking it would, terrifyingly, require you to investigate new things. So no.

Columbia Pictures Corporation / Via

Yes, this bus is slow, but the train is probably weird and maybe it doesn't even go to the right place.

21. And woe betide the person who decides there needs to be an office reshuffle and moves you one desk over.

Channel 4

The slight change in the relative position of the A/C vent ruins everything.


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