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42 Reasons Wiltshire Is Actually The Best County To Live In

It's a hell of a county.

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1. Stonehenge is probably the most important place.

2. The Summer Solstice is coming up as well, which is the only time of the year the stones are completely opened to the public.

You're free to wander around until the sun rises, with the druids, hippies, and kids from the local towns.

3. But there's another much larger stone circle at Avebury.

Rather than the spectacular lintels atop sarsens, they are simply individual rocks.

4. It's the Mac to Stonehenge's Windows.

There's a pub in the middle of it as well.

5. And the ancient mound of Silbury Hill is nearby.

It is similar in size to some of the smaller Egyptian pyramids of the Giza Necropolis, but it's use is still debated.

6. Salisbury Cathedral is naturally spectacular, as the tallest spire in the country.

At 123m high, it's second only to Cologne in Europe as well.

7. It's pretty specatular from the inside as well.

8. The rest of Salisbury is pretty great too.

As a city first established over 800 years ago, there are many historically significant elements.

9. Places like Marlborough have gorgeous buildings as well.

10. It's hard to take a bad photo of the landscape in Wiltshire.

11. Even just a plain field looks pretty great.

12. Everywhere just looks amazing.

13. There are bits of brilliance all over the place, like this miniature waterfall.

Near Chippenham.

14. Or in tiny villages (pop. 120) like Fonthill Gifford.

This is all that remains of Fonthill Abbey. The Beckford Arms around the corner is pretty good too.

15. This old diving platform in Swindon is pretty cool.

Swindon is also home to the so-called 'Magic Roudabout.' But that doesn't look quite as interesting.

16. Wiltshire is great for animals as well, whether it's these Canada Geese at Corsham Court.

20. Cows doing pretty much everything, really...



22. There are plenty of activities you take part in. Such as village fetes.

24. Or just walking the dog.

25. The ruins of Old Wardour Castle are great to wander around.

26. Or there's Lacock House.

27. Which has a lovely barn.

28. There's the Westbury White Horse, carved into the chalk hillside.

29. Or the Fovant Badges, carved into the chalk hillside.

Fovant was the home of a number of battalions ahead of the First World War. And they had a lot of time on their hands.

30. Or the White Horse at Cherhill, carved into the chalk hillside.

(OK, there are quite a lot of these.)

31. The village of Castle Combe is well known as one the nicest in the country.

It's been used in many films, including Stardust and War Horse.

32. Castle Combe also has a great racecourse for track days.

33. Near Devizies are the Caen Hill Locks, a flight of 29 Canal Locks in a row.

They take as long as 6 hours to pass through.

34. There's Longleat, which comprises a stately home...

35. ...And some monkeys.

In the attached Safari & Adventure Park.

36. There's another stately home called Wilton House...

37. Which also hosts supercar meetings because obviously.

38. There are festivals too, such as the Larmer Tree Festival.

39. Wiltshire Steam Rally features these great Tractors.

40. In the end, there's nothing better than a walk in the Wiltshire countryside.

41. Plus getting directions is super-easy.

42. And the cider is great.