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18 Feelings Everyone Who Lives In London Knows All Too Well

London inspires many emotions, not all of them good.

1. Resigned acceptance, when you realise that the Overground is off at the weekend again.

2. Annoyance, when you realise you agreed to go to someone's house on the other side of London.


Bonus points if you have to cross the river as well.

3. Elation, when you get off at the exact right spot on the platform to get to the exit.

BBC / Via

4. Terror, when someone actually talks to you on public transport.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

5. Confusion, when you see the latest new concepts coming out of east London.

OK, cool, that all makes sense.

6. Confusion, when you see someone doing something incredibly weird on the night bus.

Marvel / Via

Which is always, really.

7. Grim acceptance, when you realise it's the end of summer because of rainstorms in mid-August.

8. Panic, when you go outside and realise you have forgotten your earphones.

Warner Bros. / Via

9. Surprise, when you have to pay £5 for a beer.

NBC / Via

Despite happening so frequently, it's still weird.

10. Embarrassment, when your usual fast-food place knows you on sight when you turn up at 2am.

NBC / Via

11. Unadulterated joy, when you get the front seat at the top of the bus.

Or the front of the DLR.

12. Instant regret, when you decide to go to Oxford Street at any time.


13. Exasperation, when you realise you've been in the office for 12 straight hours and there's no chance you'll be going home soon.

Relativity Media / Via

14. Mild disgust, when you walk past the on-street urinals.

15. Frustration, when you go into a bar and discover it's completely rammed.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Especially when it's rammed with bankers.

16. Misery, when you actually try to find a new flat.

17. Awkwardness, when you're on the tube and everyone is invading your personal space and it's weird.

18. Incomprehension, when someone suggests you actually move out of London.

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