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24 Things Londoners Can't Stop Talking About

There's nowhere else like London. Thankfully.

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5. The weird and terrible smell that happens in the city once the sun comes out for a few days.

Basically, the bins and the urine start heating up.

6. The weird thing that happened on the night bus.

Bonus points if the anecdote ends with "I guess you had to be there." Because everything is funnier when you're drunk.


9. The pure, unadulterated joy of sitting at the front of the DLR.

10. Whether Uber is an amazing service that's disrupting taxis, or an overpriced, less effective version of the black cab.

This opinion will change depending on the level of alcohol involved, and the number of black cabs around.


13. The amazing pop-up that they went to the other day, but that has closed now so you can't go.

It's not impossible they just hadn't been there at all. They were drinking somewhere else, usually.

15. How they only came out for one drink.


But they can have one more. Definitely just one, though?


21. How ludicrously unpleasant shopping on Oxford Street is.