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    Jan 29, 2015

    13 Vines That Perfectly Sum Up The Most Awkward Situations In Your Life

    This is proof the universe hates you.

    1. The hug-handshake dilemma that makes you wish the ground would just open up.

    2. The moment you're having a conversation with your friends, and then it stops out of nowhere.

    3. Going to a party where you don't know anyone, and wandering around attempting not to talk to anyone.

    4. Responding with "You too!" in basically every conversation when it's inappropriate.

    5. Awkward elevator silences.

    6. Finishing a phone call and just sort of fading out with "goodbyes."

    7. Catching someone's eye, right as they're taking a poop.

    8. Dreamily staring into someone's eyes, while you're actually think about something else.

    9. Walking into a room. And it not being the right room.

    10. Music stopping and you suddenly realising that you really shouldn't be singing along.

    11. Or worse, music playing, and you not realising it's playing out loud.

    12. Or music playing and making your life so goddamn awkward.

    Music, why do you even exist?

    13. Flirting. Any and all flirting-related situations.

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