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    29 Ways The Middle Class Live Life So Differently To Everyone Else

    Not everything is essential.

    1. The middle class care deeply about the purity of their organic produce.

    2. The middle class wouldn't go to any train station without a properly appointed shop. And some artificial grass.

    3. The middle class need the very best entertainment when they shop.

    4. The middle class face a continuing battle to be in the right country when their vegetables are ripe.

    5. They know just how essential halloumi is.

    6. And that your bath foam should never be made of any inferior wood.

    7. And that eggs should only EVER come from inquisitive hens.

    8. The middle class find it difficult to survive without huevos rancheros.

    9. And it's improper to expect them to use ice that doesn't come with a slice of lime.

    10. Their lives involve some things other people would find hard to comprehend.

    11. Because no one else would think fig and horseradish makes sense.

    12. And no one else would need a chianti and olive snack.

    13. It's important the middle class are given the best start in life.

    14. For the middle class, setting goals early is important. These toys will inspire what they'll be working towards for the rest of their lives!

    15. The middle class are sure to make their dogs as polite as they are.

    16. They find it important to express their passions.

    17. But it's not all fun. The middle class are also under threat.

    18. They have some real fights.

    19. At times, it feels as though their entire lifestyle is under threat.

    20. So, the middle class protest with knitting.

    21. The struggles of the middle class are tough – what if your champagne bottle is too big for the recycling?

    22. What if your dog doesn't want to stick to his diet?

    23. What if TV is slowly destroying everything you believe in?

    24. The middle class will lash out – they have to, and they do in the only way they know how.

    25. They'd never be rude, but sure, they just might tell you exactly what they think.

    26. Or just confuse you a little bit.

    27. For the middle class will never give up their carefully pedigreed grape juice.

    28. Or their champagne-based conserves.

    29. You'll never take their prosecco dispensers!!!

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