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    Shut It All Down, This Is The Finest Moment In Human History

    It'll never get better. Never. From here, it's nothing but downhill.

    In the 1980s, science fiction films assumed that the human race would haul itself out into the galaxy, building manned lunar bases, and huge, habitable structures in orbit.

    And we would do with that the basic technology available at the time, with analogue tapes and monstrously sized computers.

    Instead we built the internet, putting our heads in a vast maw of glittering information, constantly growing, evolving and flowing, while our greatest technologies were turned to the most important pursuits we could envisage.

    And that pursuit is finding a way to piss without walking.

    This is it, the pinnacle, the mountaintop, the final stage of a journey that started when the first ape stretched and stood upright 7 million years ago.

    All leading to this, the ability to shit while on wheels.

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