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    27 Photos That Will Instantly Annoy Every British Person

    Exactly what do you think you're doing with that tea?

    1. Someone doing this.

    2. This proof that society is on a path to inevitable calamity.

    3. This devastating lie, which is still being perpetrated.

    4. This fucking anarchy.

    5. This conclusive proof that Asda really doesn't understand math.

    6. This totally messed-up use of "math".

    7. This crumpet that some idiot made.

    boyfriend tried to make a crumpet. what a fucking idiot.

    Jo Barrow@JoBarrowFollow

    boyfriend tried to make a crumpet. what a fucking idiot.

    2:56 PM - 10 Jan 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

    8. This entire conversation.

    9. This brilliant demonstration of an effective use of resources.

    10. The head on this pint. Seriously.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Popartic

    11. This brazen queue-jump.

    12. These sorry excuses for baked beans.

    13. And this complete failure to understand so many important British things.

    14. The fact that someone ate this and thought it was an even slightly acceptable excuse for a roast dinner.

    15. This poster. You know what it is. Don't click the reveal. Save yourself.

    16. This irresponsible sleeping.

    17. When you open the tin of teabags to see only this paltry supply.

    18. Any and every time this happens.

    19. This far too familiar weather.

    20. Right up until it's this weather, and we can't actually moan about it.

    21. This national crisis.

    BBC /
    BBC /

    22. This assault on British values by the dastardly Americans.

    23. This product that just never needed to exist.

    24. When graffiti isn't even grammatically correct.

    25. This bus that only brings with it an impending sense of doom.

    26. The marketing campaign that tried to make this aggressively incorrect spelling a thing.

    27. Oh, and this cockwomble.

    Dominick Dusseault / Via

    Phew, that was all very stressful. How about a lovely cup of tea?


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