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28 Kids Being Idiots

Because children being idiots is funny. Inspired by this Reddit thread.

1. This kid and his amazing somersault.

2. This kid who doesn't get on with her dog.

3. This kid who gets very unlucky with a water balloon.

4. This kid who's on the way to walking.

5. This kid who very nearly makes a great leap.

6. This kid who gets very little sympathy from her sister.

7. This kid struggling with a chair.

8. This kid losing to a different sort of kid.

9. This slightly older, but no wiser, kid.

10. This kid who chose a bad moment to stand up.

11. This kid struggling with the weight of the world.

12. This kid that the cat is jealous of.

13. This kid with an even more jealous cat.

14. Seriously, all cats are jealous of kids.

15. This kid that the dog is very jealous of.

16. This kid.

17. And his brother.

18. This kid, and her inevitable demise.

19. This repeatedly brave kid.

20. This kid who got some very quick karma.

21. This kid's impressive demolition.

22. This again older, and again, no wiser, kid.

23. This budding golfer.

24. This kid whose adult isn't much smarter.

25. This kid getting attacked by a ghost.

26. This kid who's practicing to be Spider-Man.

27. This kid who will never be a scientist.

28. This kid who didn't check if the coast was clear.

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