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19 Things You Probably Did As A Kid That You Forgot About

Oh yeah, totally, I ate bread like that.

1. You probably didn't deal with problems in the best way.

2. Though you might have tried.

3. And sometimes, been quite smart with it!

4. You almost definitely did this at a playground.

5. You probably had better ideas than the instructions for making Legos.

6. In fact, you probably got creative with all your toys.

7. You definitely didn't understand the concept of being frugal with things.

8. You definitely knew better ways to eat food.

9. Every time.

10. And how to pack a suitcase when you were going away.

11. After all, this is the ONLY way to eat bread.

12. You might have had some slightly disturbing habits.

13. Your tidying was excellent and constructive.

14. You knew exactly where everything went.

15. Your hide-and-seek skills, were, no doubt, incredible.

This is how my 4-year-old nephew plays hide and go seek.

16. Seriously.

17. Yeah, you probably always did shit like this.

18. Though sometimes it just didn't make sense.

19. Let's be honest, you probably didn't quite have your priorities straight then.