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    22 Of The Funniest Tweets About Jared Leto's Joker

    Jared Leto, man, so method.


    reports saying jared leto taught his suicide squad costars how to draw the letter "S" in a cool new way. "its not the normal way" said jared


    Honestly, Jared Leto's Joker is gonna be so fucked up and twisted. I heard he has ANARCHY written on his backpack. Sick.


    the jared leto joker's chain wallet gets caught on a fence n so all the superheroes beat him up n take his lunch money


    In preparation for his role as the Joker, Jared Leto cooked oven fries in the microwave. Pure, unbridled anarchy.


    Wow Jared Leto's Joker really does play by his own rules, huh?


    Guys Jared leto's joker is SO raw I heard he watched 2 family guy episodes before each take. And not just the old stuff. NEW episodes


    In preparation for his role as the joker, Jared Leto printed out the Wikipedia article on method acting, and also the one on heath ledger


    Woah, Jared Leto was manning the snack bar during the Suicide Squad premiere, selling twisted treats like "ice-scream" & "Coca Ghoul-a"


    "i was on set with jared leto and he ate a whole banana including the peel i think he may have gone........ too deep"


    im p sure they have a group chat that they didnt tell jared leto about


    "Oh Christ, what now" - everyone else on the set of SUICIDE SQUAD, under their breath, whenever Jared Leto entered a room



    Jared Leto's joker looks like what would happen if Nancy from The Craft got knocked up by Bart Simpson's clown bed.


    Jared Leto's joker would vote for Jill Stein but ironically


    Suicide Squad Cast Selfies Without Jared Leto, Artist Unknown, Oil On Canvas, 2016


    jared leto gives hot topic a bad name


    Jared Leto: Did you notice I painted my house like the Joker wou- Everyone: JESUS CHRIST WE NOTICED JARED


    jared leto addresses a hushed comiccon: whereas other actors merely play their characters, i embody, in my daily life, the green clownboy


    jared leto: "i can feel joker hes inside me" *pulls a joker action figure out of his b hole* "wow thats a crazy thing joker would do"



    margot robbie already deserves all the awards simply for having to act like she's in love with jared leto


    Does Jared Leto's Joker vape in every scene or just the ones where he's playing World of Warcraft with his mom?

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