24 Signs You’re The Nick Miller Of Your Friend Group

Because you are not a functional adult.

1. Fundamentally, you don’t quite work in the real world.

2. Because there is nothing you can’t screw up.

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3. You do sometimes get irrationally angry.

4. You’re not amazing at working out.

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5. Sometimes you make bad decisions when drunk.

6. Your parents might not completely trust you.

7. You don’t really deal well with emotions.

8. You’re often a bit pessimistic.

9. Your seduction technique might need some work.

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10. You definitely don’t dance.

11. You really understand the value of alone time.

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12. You might be a little bit older than your years.

13. It’s possible you haven’t quite got fundamental parts of your life together.


14. You probably aren’t a fan of fancy restaurants.

15. There are a lot of situations in which you feel awkward.

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16. But you know that being lazy is totally OK.

17. And you can rock a really great coat.


18. You can flawlessly exit any troubling situation.

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Usually by moonwalking.

19. You know to be proud of all your achievements.

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20. You really know the best way to eat.

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21. You know the importance of a really great fist pump.


22. You know that a good freeze-frame can fix absolutely anything.

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23. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always alcohol.


24. It might not seem like much, but it kind of works for you.

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