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    People Are Actually Putting Ice Cubes On Their Damn Cereal

    This is a thing, and it is strange.

    In June Twitter user corrina put ice cubes on her cereal, and the image gained a thousand RTs as people expressed their intense confusion at the combination.

    Am I the only one that can't eat cereal without ice cubes?!! 😩😩😂

    A screenshot then made its way to Tumblr, where it gained more that 170,000 notes.

    People simply couldn't understand it.

    But it turns out that many people do this.

    Am I da only person dat put Ice n dey cereal 😳 #dntjudgeme

    Many, many people.

    Am I the only person who eat my Cereal like this (With ice)

    In all sorts of cereal.

    And they've been doing this for years.

    Lmao omg RT @Breyannah_x3: My Breakfast : Cereal W/ Ice & a Sandwich

    This isn't a new thing, something just recently discovered.

    I eat my cereal ALWAYS with two ice cubes. Is that weird? I just like my cereal extra cold.

    Some of these are from 2012.

    does anyone else put ice in their cereal ?

    It's a habit.

    A normal way of life for some people.

    Apparently ice in your cereal is socially acceptable in Indiana @jessicaLYNNkunk

    Just a thing, that people do.

    Am I the only one that puts ice in their cereal?? Lol everyone thinks I'm weird... *shrugs* 😁😁

    They even put bananas in as well.

    I made cereal with bananas and ice You might get diabetes if I say more loool

    Yes, bananas and strawberry and ice. And cereal.

    reasons shante can't be trusted.. (ice in her cereal)

    The why is pretty obvious – the milk needs to be cold.

    This is foolish I ain't never seen it ! Ice in some damn cereal ,done pissed me off

    But why is the milk warm in the first place?

    Dame put ice in her cereal😂😂 isn't it going to be watery ?😂😴

    If the milk is warm, you defintely shouldn't be putting it on cereal, ice or no ice.

    best cereal🙌 the ice said mind your business.

    Yet so many people are doing this.

    👀 ice really!? RT @ZoneBoy_: You're sick in the head RT @_JAYRIOS: Am I the only one who puts ice in their cereal ?

    People are 100% happy to put ice in their cereal and water the damn milk down.

    RT @Cween_: yeen real if you don't put ice in your cereal. Don't debate this // @ZTO_Rell

    It must be so, so watery.

    How does someone take cereal with ice? My brother is just something else

    So it appears putting ice cubes in your cornflakes really is a thing.

    Now that people talked about it & I tried it im addicted lol I love ice in my cereal 😍