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23 Signs You Learned Adulting At A British University

Those years of crappiness and stress have actually helped you.

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2. But you still have more than a little love for beans on toast.

3. And even more for the luxury of putting cheese on it as well.

Sometimes, you could go all out and add a fried egg. Fucking epic.


5. "Ring of Fire" brings back both very good and very bad memories.

6. And you still have incredibly fierce opinions about what the "correct" rules are.

There are no correct rules. Except that Waterfall must be involved. And the God card is complete bullshit.


15. But also that maybe, just maybe, some landlords are taking advantage of people, and it's damn hard to keep a deposit no matter what you do.

Even when you're renting later in life, you have some tricks you use to try and get it back.


20. And you'll also be intensely aware that the greatest crime ever committed against the British people is the removal of the packets of condiments from Wetherspoon's.

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They used to have little packets in baskets that an enterprising student could stock their kitchen with all year. Now? They just have bottles. You can't take them anywhere. It's a disgrace.

21. Three years of lectures when hungover, and highly stressful exam situations, has left you surprisingly well prepared for actual work.

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You know that no matter how boring the meeting or stressful the deadline, you can get through it, because you've been just as bored in a lecture and just as stressed in an exam.

23. But most importantly, learning to be an adult at a British university means you're probably still hanging out with the people you learnt with.