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    28 Things That Will Make You Impossibly Happy No Matter Your Mood

    Had a bad week? Take a look at this.

    1. This spectacular photo, where literally every living thing in it is perfect. The ostrich, the girl, the llama...

    2. These dogs, kissing.

    3. This duck that just wants to play.

    4. This cat, who just wants to get to the top.

    5. And this rabbit, who's got it all figured out.

    6. This superb news story.

    7. This helpful human.

    8. This Victorian couple, trying not to giggle.

    9. Everything about this.

    10. This raccoon that moved into a house and became friends with some dogs.

    11. This dolphin that just wants to be loved.

    12. This cheerful rally car.

    13. This superb result.

    14. This child.

    15. Nick Offerman's response to this question.

    16. This kitten trying to capture a hand.

    17. This lovely bit of serendipity.

    18. This perfect, actually printed on a wall, dad joke.

    19. This picture, and this explanation.

    20. This incredible moment with Elijah Wood.

    21. This staring match.

    22. This incredibly happy baby.

    23. This dog responding to a Roomba.

    24. This bench.

    25. These kids, bonding.

    26. This simple good deed.

    27. This beautiful moment.

    28. And this dream from a child.

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