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23 Photos That Are Way Too True When You Have A Hangover

OK, but... CAN you die from a hangover?

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1. All these faces.

2. This Google search.

3. This diagram.

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

4. This struggle.

5. These texts.

6. This brief moment of joy.

7. And this all too short bit of pleasure.

8. This struggle.

9. This reason why your phone definitely doesn't work right now.

10. This ingenious solution.

11. Which isn't quite as ingenious as this one.

12. This very understandable face.

13. And all these.

14. This important message to any goddamn kids that might be running around.

15. This waking nightmare.

16. This legit reaction to having to go into work with the hangover.

17. This revenge on the booze.

18. This attitude.

Paramount Pictures / Via

19. This food that only makes sense with a hangover.

Instagram: @buzzfeedfood

20. And this entire selection that only makes sense when you have a hangover.

21. As well as this very real option for eating which only makes sense when you have a hangover.

22. This revelation.

Nickelodeon /

23. Then this eventual reality.