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    21 Inanimate Objects That Totally Understand Your Hangover Right Now

    When you feel terrible, there will be objects to share your pain.

    1. The "I really shouldn't have gotten up this morning" hangover.

    2. The "I will kill the next person who talks to me" hangover.

    3. The "I really need to sleep" hangover.

    4. The "I just don't want to move" hangover.

    5. The "where the hell am I?" hangover.

    6. The "WHAT DID I DO LAST NIGHT?!?" hangover.

    7. The "no-one talk to me" hangover.

    8. The "work is going to be rough today" hangover.

    9. The "I feel really weird and should probably sit down" hangover.

    10. The "I shouldn't have had that kebab last night" hangover.

    11. The "I don't think anyone has noticed how hungover I am yet" hangover.

    12. The "I'm still throwing up" hangover.

    13. The "I couldn't bring myself to shave" hangover.

    14. The "uuugghhhhh" hangover.

    15. The "I can't remember leaving the house" hangover.

    16. The "this is is going to be a long day" hangover.

    17. The "I haven't been to sleep yet" hangover.

    18. The "I can't believe this day hasn't ended yet" hangover.

    19. The "I'm in such a bad mood today" hangover.

    20. The "did we actually drink all this?" hangover.

    21. The "I am NEVER drinking again" hangover.