Everyone Is Sharing This “Lord Of The Rings” Fan Theory, But It’s Definitely Wrong

It’s about the eagles.

1. This Lord of the Rings theory has come to light online, and has proved very popular. It claims to answer the question of why the eagles didn’t just fly the ring to Mordor.

However, there are some issues with the idea – and fair warning, it’s pretty long.

2. We’ve summarised the basic theory here:

New Line Cinema

3. There are actually reasons why the eagles never carried the ring, though they are less exciting. Firstly, the Fellowship was attempting to remain out of sight of Sauron. Giant eagles are not that subtle.

New Line Cinema / Via khyeili.tumblr.com

The entire purpose of the battle outside the Black Gate was to distract Sauron so Frodo could sneak into Mordor.

4. The eagles are also a sentient race, not a group of animals – and definitely not a Middle-earth Uber to be called at will.

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They are actually agents of Manwe, and a holdover from the First War. By the time of the Third War (the War of the Ring) they were much less involved in the world.

5. There was also a pretty massive orc army, with arrows that had brought down eagles in the past.

New Line Cinema / Via diply.com

Once they had been vanquished after the ring was destroyed, the eagles could easily pass through to pick up the hobbits.

6. Oh, and the Nazgûl on their fell beasts.

New Line Cinema / Via l-o-t-r.tumblr.com

Big goddamn dragons, basically.

7. And aside from the tactical reasons, Frodo alone had been given the responsibility of carrying the ring by the Council of Elrond, meaning it could not be passed on to the eagles.

New Line Cinema / l-o-t-r.tumblr.com

New Line Cinema / l-o-t-r.tumblr.com


Even if they were just carrying Frodo, who was carrying the ring.

8. With thanks to khyeili.tumblr.com, Ask Middle Earth, u/Shagomir, the LOTR Wiki, and the many, many other people who have written about this topic.

It’s worth noting that the user who posted the original theory, VulcanDeathGrip, freely admitted his knowledge of the books was limited, and certainly didn’t claim the theory was accurate.

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