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    21 Things Only True Comrades Will Appreciate

    Memes are the opium of the people.

    1. This revelation.

    2. This refreshing drink.

    3. This video that clearly needs to happen.

    4. "Marxism-Leaninism"

    5. This selfie.

    6. This way-too-true conversation.

    7. This quote that Marx definitely said.

    8. Kim Kierkegaardashaian.

    Via Twitter: @kimkierkegaard

    9. This resemblance.

    10. This important graffiti.

    11. And this truth.

    12. This improved version of BuzzFeed.

    14 Sloths Who Are So Over The Labour Theory Of Value

    13. Marxist Sonic.

    14. This response to a job interview question.

    15. This proof of the true leaning of Hagrid.

    16. This charming Valentine.

    17. The existential sadness of Pepe Marx.

    18. This important Stalin dance party.

    19. And this accurate representation of the Communist Party.

    20. This truth.

    21. Steven Universe dismantling the Labour Theory of Value.

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