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    31 Photos That Will Enrage Every Single Chef

    Fair warning, many of these are tickets. And they are the worst of tickets.

    1. This sure to be delicious turkey wrap.

    2. Whoever did this is not a good person.

    3. The person who decided this was the best way to order a burger.

    4. This soup problem.

    5. This slightly intimidating prep list.

    6. Extra well cooked salmon.

    7. A flawless system for emptying out the coffee machine.

    8. This customer who apparently think every single chef is an idiot.

    9. And this customer who might actually be an idiot.

    10. This needlessly murdered knife.

    11. Whoever made a request because "you aren't busy."

    12. Obviously, this bastard.

    13. Whatever the hell this order is trying to say.

    14. This, always.

    15. And then this.

    16. Which is very closely related to this.

    17. The moment when this machine decided to just give up on life.

    18. This excessive violence against a piece of meat.

    19. *Sigh*

    20. These issues.

    21. And this conversation.

    22. It's getting out of hand.

    23. An endlessly helpful note from someone in the kitchen.

    24. The genius who was trying to cut parsley like this.

    25. This list of requests.

    That said, while this is extensive, given that this is provided in advance, it's actually a lot more reasonable than a lot of the other things on this list. So if you do have extensive dietary requirements...

    26. Whatever this label says.

    27. This perfect way to present a ticket for a 22-top.

    28. This prep list.

    29. All of these joyful orders.

    30. Whichever moron hung this here.

    31. And this order, that's got everything you never want.

    Many of these from the badass line cooks of r/KitchenConfidential.

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