Drake Went To War With Memes Against Meek Mill

    Also, Will Smith was there? Things happened at OVO Fest last night.

    So, a recap, if you've missed all of this. *deep breath*

    Meek Mill accused Drake of using a ghostwriter. Drake released two diss tracks in response, one 🔥, one not so 🔥. Meek Mill released a diss track in response, but it was not good. In the midst of this, Meek Mill was dating Nicki Minaj — who is obviously a close friend of Drake — and the two released a video together (unrelated to the beef), but are now rumoured to have split up. All of which led up to Drake's OVO Fest performance on 3 August in Toronto.

    First up, Drake appeared before the festival wearing a "Free Meek Mill" shirt, part of a run printed in 2014 to show OVO's support of the imprisoned Meek Mill.

    Drake is wearing a "free meek mill" shirt at OVO fest and apparently plans to "end him tonight".

    And when Drake played his diss track "Back to Back", he accompanied it with dozens of memes made by fans over the course of the beef.

    .@Drake isnt letting the @MeekMill diss go. Watch as the 6 God shows meems of the beef during "Back To Back" #OVOFest

    So many memes.

    They included a participation award...

    Some Nicki memes...

    Many Nicki memes...

    It got savage.

    Though even at the height of the beef, Drake is still Drake.

    The crowd was screaming "F*** Meek Mill" and Drake stopped them.

    During the show he also brought out Kanye, who brought along Big Sean and Travis Scott.

    Kanye West joined the party at OvO Fest!

    Skepta performed "Shutdown" as well.

    Mans never been at OVO fest when it's shutdown ay!!! @Skepta @Drake 🙏

    At one point Drake started talking about his rumoured third Meek Mill diss track, "3 Peat", but it's unclear whether he actually intends to release it.

    The moment when Drake confirmed that #3Peat was coming and everyone lost it at #OVOFest

    Whataburger got involved as well for some reason.

    Drake at Whataburger:WE NEED MORE BEEF Meek Mill: Please no more Mr. Drake I'm full

    Finally he called out Meek Mill, saying "You did it to yourself," and defending his city.

    "You did it to yourself boy" @drake coming for @MeekMill #OVOFest

    After the show, Will Smith and Kanye were backstage with Drake, and it certainly seemed as if they were enjoying the moment.


    Really enjoying themselves.

    Drake, Will Smith and Kanye tonight. Probably laughing at Meek lmao

    People started to conclude that this beef only has one winner.

    it's official @Drake is officially cyber bullying @MeekMill 💀 someone report this man before meek commit suicide

    #OVOFest @Drake @MeekMill When you come home from a fight and Pops ask "Who Won?" 😂

    Few believed that anyone other than Drake was coming out of it well.

    Drake utilizing the power of social media to destroy Meek over beef that he started on social media. Genius.

    Drake didn't start it, but he is determined to end it. And Meek's career.

    Because he did do it all with a PowerPoint presentation.

    how you let drake murder you with a powerpoint presentation??????? @MeekMill

    And of course, the memes kept coming.

    Meek after seeing drake OVOfest performance.

    When you wake up and you're not Meek Mill

    Meanwhile, Meek Mill was posting this on Instagram.