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18 Bee-Stung Dogs That Just Don't Care About Brexit Right Now

"Yes, Brexshit ish worrying, but pleashe, not now."

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1. "Look I undershtand why you're all upshet, I'm upshet too but I'm alsho dealing wisht anthor issue."

2. "Pleashe, pleashe, I jusht need shome shpace."

3. "I jusht can't talk about voter turnoutsh now."

4. "I'm shorry."

5. "Shure, it'sh all a bit shcary."

6. "Yesh, yesh, the economy ish shit now."

7. "But my shtupid noshe really hurtsh, can you help?"

8. "I really thougsht the bee wash for eatshing."

9. "I don't know why Shunderland went sho heavily Leave, I'm shorry."

10. "I'm jusht really dishtracted by thish bee thing."

11. "Shterling hash dropped that much? That'sh worrying."

12. "But yesh, not ash worrying ash my noshe."

13. "The potenshial eroshion of worker'sh rightsh, yesh, yesh." / Via

14. "But what about the eroshion of my dignity becaushe of this shtupid bee."

15. "I can't believe thish ish happening."

16. "Yesh, Brexshit, I can't believe Brexshit ish happening, but alsho my facshe.

17. "I'm shorry, I do care about economic collapshe, jusht not right now."

18. "Pleashe don't laugh."