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27 Times "Malcolm In The Middle" Got Way, Way Too Real

Taking on religion, politics, and the everyday struggles of being a child.

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1. When it explained childhood.

2. And perfectly captured what being a kid was all about.

3. When it nailed all the flaws of democracy.

4. And the struggles of believing in a god.

5. When it truly understood how important it was to be able to vent.

6. And understood the pressures that everyone feels.

7. Absolutely everyone.

8. When it captured the struggles of supporting a family.

9. And how laughable it can be.

10. And the struggles of getting what you truly want.

11. When it exposed the true darkness of late-stage capitalism.

12. True, true darkness.

13. Being an adult might just be not as much fun as you'd always hoped.

14. It's tough to figure out what you really need from life.

15. When Malcolm showed how hard it is to be cool.

16. And proved that you can never expect anything to work out how you want.

17. When it explained that your dreams might not ever come true.

18. When Reese figured out feminism.

Sort of.

19. When it spoke this incredible truth.

20. When it showed just how your best-laid plans will still come to nothing.

21. When it showed what true friendship really was.

22. And when it showed the saddest reality of life without it.

23. When this bittersweet discovery happened.

24. And this deep truth.

25. When it had the darkest realisation of all.

26. Until this one happened.

Blink 182 were right.

27. And when it captured everything you ever thought.