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    The 34 Classiest Things That Have Ever Happened

    Oh, you classy, huh?

    1. These courtroom guidelines are very classy.

    2. These are the classiest red Solo Cups.

    3. This is an immensely classy entrance to a building.

    4. This is a very classy way to drink wine.

    5. Except it's outdone by these kiddie pools of wine.

    6. This is a perfectly classy selfie.

    7. This is an incredibly classy list of auto-completes.

    8. This is a legitimately classy prank.

    9. This is how you know you're staying in a classy hotel.

    10. This is definitely classy.

    11. This epitomises class.

    12. This is a very classy way to welcome people to your town.

    13. This is an unimpeachably classy t-shirt.

    14. This is the classy way to end a night.

    Though to be fair, Four Loko is involved. So, kinda fair enough.

    15. This is nothing but class.

    16. This is the classiest way to advertise your company.

    17. The patrons of this bar are pretty darn classy.

    18. This Facebook user is all class.

    19. This is a bastion of class.

    20. This is such a classy game you wouldn't even believe it.

    21. Class everywhere.

    22. So. Much. Class.

    23. This is basically the definition of how to be classy.

    24. Classic class.

    25. This is an almost impossibly classy solution.

    26. This is about as classy as it gets.

    27. This subway gentleman is absurdly classy.

    28. This billboard is perfect for a classy hen party.

    29. Such class.

    30. I mean, this is where class comes from.

    31. Convertibles are very classy.

    32. This store's transformation is ultra-classy.

    33. This is really showing some class.

    34. Finally, this actually is very classy.

    This would class every town up.

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