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25 Photos That Are Way Too Real For Everyone Who's Bad At Cooking

Making your own food isn't for everyone.

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1. If you're a terrible cook, the food you end up making is just so strange.

Told you boys. Terrible cook is @larak1981 @ChrisThorpe31 @ANDYGRIFFITHS11 @cal_foster "chicken on warburtons loaf"

2. And you probably can't cook without making a hell of a mess.

when I said I wasn't good at cooking.... Alice, making pizza, aged 26 and 2/3.

3. So you end up resorting to extreme measures to make your food edible.

im not joking when i say im a terrible cook this is a pile of burnt bits i grated off my cookies to make them edible

4. Pasta seems easy...right up until you put the whole plastic bag in the water.

You know you're terrible at cooking when you drop the whole package in a pot of boiling water.


5. Every pancake will find a way to split, for some reason.

When you're so bad at cooking and you manage to sever your damn pancake 😓#NotWifeMaterial

6. Let's be honest, toast is hard.

When your cooking is so bad you can't even heat up bread right

7. Really, really hard.

when you're so bad at cooking you burn toast that you were WATCHING cook

8. Pizza is tough.

when i feel like i've failed at cooking, i'll just remember my friend's pizza:


9. Burning macaroni can happen.

Only I would forget to put water in the bowl and burn macaroni

10. Even microwaved popcorn will feel the wrath of your undeveloped skills.

When you are so bad at cooking you can't even microwave popcorn.

12. Nothing is safe.

When I get sad I remember how bad my mom is at time keeping in cooking.. Yes that was Xmas dinner 😆😆


13. All food will suffer.

Just when I thought I couldn't get better at cooking

14. Sometimes it's so bad, the garden is the only option.

15. The people around you don't have high hopes for your attempts.

when your so bad at cooking that:

16. And they're not huge fans of eating your food.

When bae cooks 4 u and bae is bad at cooking xxxxx


17. It's not just the food that gets damaged by your struggles.

18. Microwaves can suffer.

So @brian_foerest is so bad at cooking, he even screws up when microwaving things.

19. You have to clean off the cooker basically every single time.

Just when I start to think I'm getting better at cooking..this happens

20. There aren't many things that you can expect to succeed at cooking.

some people don't believe me when i say i'm bad at cooking... well...


21. Things that should be simple are just so tough for you.

When you're a failure at cooking😣 #ITriedBelgianWafflesWithButtermilkPancakeMix

22. Nothing seems to work.

When you're only kinda good at cooking... Terrible lol

23. Frankly, it shouldn't be this complicated.

24. Why isn't everything simple?

25. Because even the most basic task eludes you.

Why am I such a terrible cook?!? I can't even make an egg!