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    25 Crucial Lessons "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Taught You About Life

    The way to get your life flipped-turned upside down.

    1. A really, really great handshake is very important.

    2. You should definitely monitor your dietary requirements.

    3. This is how you take a punch.

    4. Never reject a dumb joke, because it might just help you meet someone awesome.

    5. You should always take care of your pets.

    6. Never use Google Glass, for fear of looking like an idiot.

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    Obviously, this isn't Google Glass, but it proves the point rather neatly.

    7. It's important to have good knowledge.

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    8. Trying to be smooth often won't work out.

    9. Especially if you're an asshole about it.

    10. Always being ready with a put-down is an important skill.

    11. You can use a good joke as many times as you want.

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    12. And you can target the same person repeatedly.

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    So long as it's done with love. Maybe.

    13. Though you do have to be careful about exactly who you're making jokes near.

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    14. When the situation needs it, you do need to be serious though.

    15. There's never a bad time to dance.

    16. Dancing will impress anybody, even Tyra Banks.

    17. Talk with confidence, and your ideas might pay off.

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    Especially if everyone around you is lying as well.

    18. Playing with kids is fraught with potential pitfalls.

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    Though they do bounce when necessary.

    19. Plan ahead for every eventuality.

    20. Try not to worry that sometimes your logic might not make sense.

    21. And make sure you have some serious curve game.

    22. If you're trying to be protective of your family, you should probably come up with good insults.

    23. You should never be afraid to look great.

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    24. Always support your friends.

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    25. And make the most of hanging out with your family.